Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bittersuite in the Ozone

Bob Moses - Bittersuite in the Ozone

When I transcribe, I try to envision the chart being used on the recording session. Transcribing a tune like "Bittersuite" is particularly challenging because it is so loosely interpreted by the ensemble. "Brofilia" is especially frustrating because it clearly follows a basic blues form, but the i chords appear to be treated as vamps. In addition, there appears to be miscommunication about where beat 1 occurs during the section.

So, it's not perfect. But at least it's better than the version in the Real Book. If you have suggestions on how to improve this chart, let me know.

Please be inspired by this tune to go out and work for clean energy. Advocacy isn't enough, we need to do work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and that means we all need to stop driving so much, among other things. Carpool, take the bus, ride your bike to work.

(Sorry to get political, but if you think music should be apolitical, don't forget about how much great music came out of the 60's. And why. Plus, it's International Workers' Day. Hug a union.)

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