Sunday, October 11, 2009

Annette Peacock, Miles Davis & Ornette Coleman

Well it's the first post! Here goes.

Annette Peacock - Dreams (If Time Weren't)

This tune has appeared on quite a few recordings since it was written, including

Paul Bley & Scorpio (Milestone MSP 9046)
Paul Bley - Alone Again (Improvising Artists Inc, IAI 373840)
Paul Bley / Annette Peacock Synthesizer Show - Revenge (Polydor, 2425 043) [BEAUTIFUL version, with eerie processed vocals by Annette]
Marilyn Crispell - Nothing Ever Was, Anyway (ECM 1626/27)

Know of some others? Let me know. Every version is going to be slightly different, but I think the overall picture is there.

The introduction (first two lines) is left out on many versions for some reason. It's on the Crispell recording. I'm working on the lyrics, hopefully I'll update this post later on.

Miles Davis - Mademoiselle Mabry

The last song on Miles' Filles de Kilimanjaro, with Chick Corea at the RMI Electrapiano. I'm not sure about the bass note in bar 4, it may be a B-natural, not B-flat. Thoughts?

I left out chord symbols to reduce clutter. Most of the harmonies are triadic anyway, easy enough for the soloist to figure out. Chick plays different chords almost every time, especially in bars 3 and 4, but as with the Peacock tune, the general idea is there.

The form of the tune is strange. Every third time, they play the first bar a little differently by resolving to an F-major triad. Very unusual. But it happens consistently throughout the tune, from what I can tell.

Ornette Coleman - Jordan

Featured on his recent CD Sound Grammar. (Transcription updated on 5/20/11). Take a look, give it a listen, follow along... post your comments!

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