Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hermeto Pascoal

Welp, it's been another couple months. This blog is still very much active, although updates have been more sporadic recently. Grad school has kept me pretty busy.

Hermeto Pascoal - Nem Um Talvez

Here's my interpretation of Hermeto Pascoal's "Nem Um Talvez". This tune was recorded on the Miles Davis album Live/Evil. Given the way Miles used to change songs in the studio, it's likely that Pascoal's original version was a good deal different than the version that was actually released. (If Pascoal recorded the tune himself, I'm unaware of it. It would be interesting to hear.) But this is a pretty close approximation to what was played on the record. The phrasing might be debatable but I'm pretty sure the chords and melody are right.

Anyway: here it is. Knock yourself out!