Sunday, September 5, 2010

Annette Peacock

Annette Peacock - Mr. Joy

This tune was a staple of Paul Bley's live book throughout the 1960's and was recorded numerous times. It's one of Peacock's most poignant tunes, the existentialist lyrics juxtaposed with a very sing-songy melody in G major. It has also been covered by Affinity, and Norwegian vocalist Karin Krog.

The Affinity version has an E minor vamp out front, and features completely different lyrics.

Paul Bley - "Copenhagen & Haarlem" (Arista, 1975)
Paul Bley - "Mr. Joy" (Limelight, 1968)
Paul Bley - "Turning Point" (IAI, 1975)
The Paul Bley Synthesizer Show (Milestone, 1971)
Karin Krog - "Joy" (Sandem, 2008 reissue)
Affinity - "Affinity" (Paramount, 1970)